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Build Your Bot with JavaScript in 10min!

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  • Feather-light 1KB script with zero dependencies.
  • Give your users answer options, let them type with or without natural language classifier.
  • This framework is perfect if you are looking to build and experiment with a light-weight, simple and flexible JavaScript web bot.
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A few use cases:

  • You built your own Natural Language Classifier on Tensorflow and want to find something quick to deploy on.
  • You have a bot on Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Slack etc., and want to make it available on the web.
  • You want to build a bot in 10 minutes in a simplest way possible that can easily scale.
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We love working with the Facebook, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa platforms to bring the power of AI interactions to our users. However, that's not always the right approach when it comes to building lightning-fast applications with full control over your data. All of the above require your user to either install an app, use dedicated hardware or download 2MB+ of JavaScript (which is a sure way to loose visitors).

If all you really need to do is build a bot application for the web that loads instantly chat-bubble might be the right tool for you.

By the way, chat-bubble is an open-source, production-ready and is incredibly easy to install and customize. Entiere script is less than 300 lines of well-annotated code that you may optimize and change to your needs.


Read further on Medium.

If you are looking for more details on the inner workings or an installation guide with some graphics, check out our Medium publication. Of course do open up a ticket or Pull Request on GitHub should you have a question or a fix in mind!

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