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Instantly access traffic, sales or conversion data through Archie.AI Chrome Extension.

No need to sift through countless webpages to get to the data you want. Ask Archie in plain English and get the answers instantly.

Archie's Top 10 Answered Questions:

  • ① What's my traffic?
  • ② Predict my next week's traffic.
  • ③ How much money did I make?
  • ④ How many visitors did Google send last month?
  • ⑤ How many visitors did Facebook send last month?
  • ⑥ What kind of device did most of my traffic use?
  • ⑦ What is my conversion rate?
  • ⑧ What is my bounce rate?
  • ⑨ Which location has attracted the most visitors?
  • ①⓪ How do I increase my traffic?

Check out the full list of things you can ask Archie.

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