Thank you for an incredible year from team Archie.AI

This is Dmitri, CTO and co-founder of Archie.AI.

I would like to personally thank you for being our pioneering customer. With your support and feedback, we are able to help over a thousand businesses of various sizes understand and interact with data better. Below is a quick recap of what happened during the past twelve months.

2017 was a huge! We launched six products, amongst hundreds of features, including:

Email Bot — Cut through the clutter of Google Analytics with free, weekly email reports.

Google Assistant Action — Talk to your Google Analytics with Google Assistant-enabled devices.

Alexa Skill — Talk to you Google Analytics on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

Chrome Extension — Talk to your Google Analytics with Google Chrome Extension.

Funnels — Effortlessly compare conversion funnels using your existing Google Analytics account.

Enterprise — AI/ML/Analytics Solution for your SME.

Archie.AI user community has grown from five to 1,521 (as of this writing). The chart that you see below shows the speed at which Archie has attracted new converts to a better, faster and more natural way to understand data — by talking to it.

Archi.AI founding team at the Google NYC headquarters. I’m in the middle, Arjun Mohan is on your left and Ishtiaq Rahman is on your right.

None of this would be possible without your feedback and support. Thank you.

Stay tuned for more awesome launches this coming year. Expect big things in January 2018!

Best wishes, Dmitri Tcherbadji Founder/CTO ∙ Team Archie.AI