Introducing Funnels By Archie.AI

A tool to effortlessly compare Google Analytics funnels by Archie.AI

Team Archie.AI keeps on dropping hits. 🚀

This time we’re back with a tool to help you use Google Analytics data to instantly create and compare conversion funnels side-by-side.

Funnels by Archie.AI. Try it here:

Here are some quick use-cases.

Compare the performance of referrals from different sources. E.g. Facebook Referrals VS Google Referrals: Who’s converting more?

Compare campaign performance with Funnels by Archie.AICompare the pages on your website to see what is working and what isn’t E.g: Compare two of your content pages to see which one ends up converting most of your conversions.Compare conversion performance over time. E.g. Compare conversion funnels before/after website redesigns to see if performance changed.

Compare conversion performance over time with Funnels by Archie.AIRun A/B testing of 2 landing pages and compare effectivenessCompare conversion funnels across Device type, Browser type, locations and more.

Compare conversion funnels across Device type, Browser type, locations and more.

Following are the roles we built this tool for.

You’re a Product Owner/Product Manager/Founder directly responsible for the performance of your business’s digital front.You’re part of a business that sells their product/services online through websites, web/mobile apps.You’re an engineer trying to find a better way (automated) to sift through data and report actionable analytics, anomalies and patterns to your team.You’re responsible for allocating how and where Digital Marketing dollars are spent.

We’re offering 15 day trial period so you can play around with it 🎁 and let us know what you think.

Try it out here: